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Our New Kizomba Jewelry Line!!!

Kizomba Hollywood has been deeply passionate about Kizomba Dance since 2012

Our Los Angeles based event company as not only thrown some of the most connective and exuberant Kizomba dance events. We also, till this day, promote, assist and consult with other Kizomba dance Instructors and promoters to help build their brands. It is our commitment to increase exposure of Kizomba Dance in the Southern California area.

Our company now has expanded in doing our own jewelry line. We love that people are as passionate about Kizomba dance as we are and we are creating beautiful accessories to express that passion!

Express your dance passion everywhere you go!

Kizomba Hollywood wants you to convey your love for dance with sophistication & style.

Dance Jewelry

Kizomba Hollywood's

"Ladies Take The Lead"

March 6-8, 2015

March 2015, Kizomba Hollywood, under the Kizomba All-Stars LLC branding, curated the first ever, all female instructed,

Kizomba dance festival; in Los Angeles 


In the past, when promoting and consulting for other Kizomba Festivals. Kizomba Hollywood was consistently met with resistance, and times, disparaging remarks when suggesting particular female instructors. 


Partnering with other, majority female, like minded, Kizomba enthusiasts. Kizomba Hollywood created the Kizomba All-Stars team

and produced Ladies Take The Lead. 


The all female driven, three day, Kizomba dance event; during Women's History Month, was a success! It was an

awe inspiring event of cultural exchange and where women dance instructors felt empowered! 


Ladies Take The Lead- Los Angeles Kizomba Festival is definitely due for a repeat! 

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