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               About Kizomba All*Stars LLc



Kizomba All*Stars LLC is a collective, collaborative company made up of  united, yet separate Kizomba event company brands. To say it plainly, we are one big Kizomba event company, made up of many smaller Kizomba event companies from all over the U.S.



"Kizomba Hollywood",  "Criola" "Damaris from the Damaris & Yasert Team and  "Afrodeshiak Entertainment’s" sole purpose, is to support the teaching, the correct technique and evolutionary growth of the dance called Kizomba.



Kizomba is a couple’s social dance that originated in Angola Africa and spread to other Portuguese colonized countries and is now danced around the world. It is our mission as Kizomba All*Stars LLC, to continue the legacy of this beautiful cultural dance, to teach its history, to cultivate its evolution and to share the connection that is Kizomba.





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