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What to do if you Rent a House Site Unseen

This Summer we embarked on a new journey move from Los Angeles to Rent a house in Las Vegas. It was always our dream to live in a house with a pool. So we made it happen.

Due to work time constraints we were unable to spend much time in Las Vegas, searching for a home; at the tail end of the pandemic. So we opted to find a house online with the help of a realtor. Renting the home site unseen

Before renting a house online. This is what you need to know.

Tip #1 - You won't have a full scope of what you're renting. Ask a lot of questions

We moved in and found out the owners mother lives next door. She bugs us constantly by knocking on the door. If the Desert grass dies. She knocks. If the sprinkler settings change every few weeks. She knocks. If we have guests over. She knocks. If we don't answer her nuisance of a knocks. She has the Management company constantly bug us; all for things things the Management

company should be handling.

Tip #2 - Go over that Lease with a fine tooth comb and Dispute what you deem as Unfair

Because we weren't present to walk through the house. There were a lot of issues that we came across. Because we already signed the lease it was a battle with Jade Realty Las Vegas to get things repaired. Plus they added a clause in the lease that stated there was a $75 co pay for repairs. We didn't feel like there was just cause to charge us for things that were already broken and worn out. Management companies will take advantage of you so stick up for yourself. Take pictures of everything and send them in emails so that your complaint is time stamped. This will assist you in not getting charged when your lease is up. Also documenting helps your case in court if the Management company does try to charge you for the wear and tear.

Tip #3 - Personalize Your Rental Property

After spending months getting repairs done we decided to make our house a home; despite the pestering neighbor. The house was super dark with the shutters that didn't open so we decided to unlatch them from the frame-hooks and bring in some light. Storing the shutters in the garage.

Tip #4 - Don't Be Afraid of White for Your Interior Design

Most people end up renting spaces that catch a lot of shadows. The best way to open up a space is with White or bight colors. When we went to buy our couch. Everyone looked us crazy because we ordered a white couch. But with some inexpensive white plush throws you can protect your couches and white seating from everyday body oils and food spills. Check out TJ Maxx, Ross and Homegoods for inexpensive finds. Not everything has to be brand new. The dining room table and glass table were thrifted and the dining room chairs were found off of Facebook Market Place.

Tip #5 - Make your Dreams Happen

It was a huge dream of ours to have a house with a pool and we were not budging on the pool. If you want something, no matter how small it seems to other people, make that dream happen. We achieved this after many years of living in LA and living in small uninspiring and expensive places. Is the nosey, crazy, nuisance of a neighbor and poor Management worth it? Maybe not. But the fact we achieved our dream allows us to move to our next goal of living in our ultimate dream house; with peaceful and considerate neighbors.

Now to the Next Big Step!

Now to the road of home ownership! We got the rental house with a pool. Who says we can't own our own property. Maybe this time with a pool and a fortress gate built around it!! If you can believe and implement a strategy. It can be done. Go after your Dreams!

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